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Vendor inspection and expediting services

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Vendor inspection and expediting services are an integral part of a project’s purchasing activities. Whether for new projects or ongoing maintenance, VELOSI’s services provide confidence that purchased equipment will arrive on time and to the correct specification.

Vendor inspection which is sometimes referred to as source inspection or third-party inspection, covers activities performed at manufacturers’ works for all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation equipment purchased for the petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and mining industries. Expediting is a continuous process, of ensuring that final delivery to the job site is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe. An expediting service should be implemented independently of inspection activities and be carried out by experienced field expeditors.

Our solution
Velosi can accommodate single orders or an entire project, ranging from final inspections to an intensive inspection regime.

We carry out inspections using our resource base of field engineers from our global network of offices who are inducted in accordance with our quality management system and are assessed on an ongoing basis for capability and competency.

VELOSI has a good relationship with many oil and gas related vendors around the world enabling us to conduct pre-contract surveys by QA engineers who have experience with these manufacturers. This can be useful for clients who are considering placing orders with vendors they are unfamiliar with.

All clients and/or projects are provided with a dedicated office based coordinator who is responsible for that project. VELOSI has developed a complete online centralized management control system known as AMIS. This is a software program designed in-house as a complete quality management package for vendor inspection and the expedition of engineered material and equipment - AMIS optimizes administration efficiency, and is accessible to VELOSI field inspectors, office staff and clients alike.

By having a continuous inspection process at the vendor level, VELOSI ensures that there are no unnecessary delays due to poor workmanship or incorrect specifications.

Through using the AMIS software, VELOSI personnel will be able to not only effectively and thoroughly monitor the progress at the vendor; they will also be able to keep the client updated to ensure that the whole program stays on schedule.