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VAIL-RCM – Reliability Centered Maintenance

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VAIL-RCM is software tool, developed to optimize preventive maintenance activities based on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Operators constantly find themselves having to strike a balance between meeting mandatory scheduled shut downs and inspections and minimizing business interruptions. Increasingly, innovative asset integrity strategies, such as RCM, are being implemented to meet these goals.

Our solution
VAIL-RCM software provides RCM analysis, data management and reporting. This software is based on Offshore Reliability Data (OREDA) 2002 standards and provides extensive customization capabilities. VAIL-RCM helps the RCM analyst to analyze the RCM on three levels (FMEA/FMECA, risk analysis and PMRs [Plant Maintenance Routines]). The following are some of the main highlights of this system:

  • Full Features
    • Execute FMEA studies to evaluate the effects of remedial actions before they are       implemented
    • Specify your acceptance limits for safety and economic risk to achieve the highest cost-effectiveness
  • Maintenance plan that keeps the risk below the acceptable levels
  • User-friendliness
    • Consistent Microsoft Windows interface with navigation using Explorer-style browser
    • Form or spreadsheet view for flexible data handling
  • Flexibility
    • Create management or technical reports
    • Use service history inspection results to adjust the risk levels according to actual findings and revise the maintenance plan accordingly
  • Includes built-in FMEA and reliability data of equipment based on OREDA, which works like an expert system
    • Capable of performing FMECA, risk analysis and Planned Maintenance Routines
  • Advanced Reporting Features (trends/dashboard)
  • Advanced User View Capabilities, where User can make own queries to view information
  • MTBF and MTTR strategies for reliability analysis
  • Risk matrix methodology
    • Advanced data import/export features
    • (Maintenance, Failures, Replacements) and Overall Criticality & Overall Risk of equipment

Assign Planned Maintenance Routines for items, or tags with high or medium risks. Also includes built-in database feature to assign maintainable item list for those tags or items considered high risk

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