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VAIL-PIMS – Pipeline Integrity Management System

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Enhances the safety, reliability and integrity of your pipelines.

Pipelines are subject to regular statutory inspections, verifications and re-certifications, just like facilities that contain and transport hazardous products. Until recently, such requirements had been enforced and pressure testing of oil pipelines was required to occur every ten years. Operators are now asked to have a comprehensive integrated Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) in place, which is more in-depth than an inspection and maintenance program.

Our solution
VELOSI’s system for Pipeline Integrity Management uses a combination of experienced personnel and superior software to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed service. Some of the benefits are as follows:
  • VELOSI brings a wealth of experience in many integrity management related fields such as HSE, system certification, risk assessment, fitness-for-service evaluations, risk-based inspection and maintenance.
  • VELOSI brings together all the skills, operational support and a local presence to our clients and provides the best PIM services available in the market.
  • It is the best available solution for Pipeline Integrity Management that facilitates both onshore and offshore pipelines.
  • A very user-friendly inspection management tool.
  • Optimum inspection periods are formally obtained based on an implicit time dimension of risk.
  • Covers these ECDA surveys: Soil Resistivity analysis, Structure to Soil analysis, DCVG survey, Pearson Coating survey, CIP survey, Pipeline to Soil Potential survey, C-Scan Current Attenuation & Pipeline Current Mapper
  • Survey type: Metal loss, Anode depletion, CP readings, Free span, Vertical configuration, Feature findings, Comp observations, Exposure, etc.
  • Some of the main features of VELOSI’s VAIL Pipeline can be summarized as follows:
  • Implements company-specific inspection strategies and best practices
  • Reduces risk for non-planned shut downs
  • Increases reliability and availability
  • Provides management with an aggregated overview of asset integrity
  • Scalable to meet company-specific work processes and asset portfolio
  • Common storage for all life cycle data
  • Benchmarking internally or against external best practice
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