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VAIL-HAZOP – HAZard and OPerability Analysis

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For Safety and Risk Management of Process Systems

Hazard identification is a key phase in the safety management of a facility. Only identified hazards can be analyzed, assessed, managed, and mitigated, if necessary. However, the usefulness of the hazard identification process is now expected to extend beyond the initial identification phase; for example, to provide input to management, written procedures, and incident investigation.

Our solution
VAIL-HAZOP is a software product used to identify potential hazards for a process system. HAZOP analysis is a structured technique used to perform a systematic study of a process that utilizes guide words to discover how deviations from the design intent can occur in equipment, actions or materials, and whether the consequences of these deviations can result in a hazard.VAIL-HAZOP FEATURES

  • Windows-based application, easy to use and attractive Graphical User Interface.
  • Project Team and Session Recording, and Dynamic Reporting with respect to project and facilities
  • Study against Nodes, assignment of deviations and their risk ranking
  • Identification of failure causes, consequences and safeguards
  • Tasks and action assignment along with priority ranking
  • Facilities to analyze the entire study
  • Analysis summary generation
  • Dynamic action sheets and worksheet generation
  • Strong security policies that are password-enabled to avoid unauthorized access

When is HAZOP useful?

  • During the design or installation of any new plant or process, or during major modifications to an existing one
  • When there are hazards such as environmental and quality or cost issues related with operations
  • Following a major incident involving a fire, explosion, toxic release, etc.
  • To justify why a particular code of practice, guidance note or industry code does not need to be followed
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