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Total Project Quality Management Services

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Our services ensure that the construction contractor’s internal operations and procedures meet the requirements of internationally recognized quality management systems.

Nowadays, manufacturers are expected to ensure that all aspects of their operations are governed and guided by a sound quality management system – from the design, procurement, fabrication, construction and commissioning phases. This requirement comes from the need to conform to various regulatory standards, as well as the need to reassure customers that the product has been manufactured according to the best industry practices.

Our solution
VELOSI’s global resources enable verification by qualified and experienced staff and we have the capability to provide a multi-disciplined project quality team at any worldwide construction location. The quality requirements of your project can be met by applying our modular approach, giving you a wide choice - from an individual service to a packaged Project Quality Management solution. We are capable of providing quality management in the following areas:

  • Project quality
  • Procurement quality
  • Construction quality

By utilizing a quality management system, manufacturers ensure that their equipment and services are produced according to the best industry practices and are in line with all the standards and regulations in place, which can help build customer confidence.

Through utilizing VELOSI’s complete services, a client can ensure that all its equipment and services are in line with the quality system that the manufacturer has implemented. VELOSI will continuously monitor and evaluate all aspects of this system to ensure that it is always complying with the required standards.