Rig Inspection and Commissioning Services

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VELOSI can provide support for this essential service by conducting inspections according to API, IADC, IMCA, IEEE & Modu standards.

With the increased expectation that operators limit their exposure to health, safety and environmental risks, it is important to bring everything under a controlled process. One such area is the compliance of drilling and well control equipment. The drilling industry has developed its own specifications under the umbrella of American Petroleum Institute (API) and regulations have been drawn up that are applicable to land and offshore drilling installations.

Our solution
VELOSI can conduct annual surveys of client facilities to ensure that equipment is managed and operated in accordance with the required standards. We deliver a cost-effective, professional service that is structured to meet the oil and gas industry standards.

We also provide rig commissioning services, which provide a commissioning plan that has an accountable and verifiable system to ensure that unit equipment and systems perform as intended during operation and continue to function in a safe and reliable manner over the lifespan.

By engaging VELOSI rig inspection and commissioning services, you help to limit the health, safety and environmental risks your operations may face. Some of the other benefits are as follows:

  • Early detection of problems with equipment and systems or discrepancies in meeting the required specifications, thus preventing project delays and avoiding start-up problems
  • Identification and rectification of all potential problems prior to the installation leaving the shipyard
  • Avoidance of costly guarantee claims for the owners when expensive corrective actions are required on an offshore location