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Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification

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We carry out Inspections and Certification in accordance with the local statutory regulations, BS standards and international standards for lifting equipment.

In many countries, there are local statutory regulations that apply to all premises with regards to their health and safety laws – one such example is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) in the UK. Conforming to these requirements is crucial for companies as failure to do so may result in penalties from governing bodies.

Our solution
VELOSI can help you conform to local and international requirements. We first evaluate your equipment and advise you of the inspection requirements you need to fulfill. If there is no specific local legislation, we will advise you based on best international practices and standards and assess the equipment either through a detailed visual inspection or load testing. An electronic management system or color tagging system will then continue to monitor and track the equipment - enabling the client to know when the equipment in question needs to be reassessed and recertified.

We also provide comprehensive training programs for all operators of the equipment, involving both theoretical and practical training. The aim of these programs is to ensure that the personnel have high skill levels, allowing them to handle the equipment safely and effectively. It also allows an organization to monitor the development of its staff.

By ensuring that all lifting equipment at your premises is certified to be safe, in good working order and in line with local statutory regulations, you safeguard against unnecessary time delays and injuries.

VELOSI services not only guarantees that the equipment is sound but also ensures that the staff handling the equipment is well trained and highly skilled.