Industrial Rope Access Services

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VELOSI’s Rope Access Engineering Department can provide highly trained and multi-disciplined technicians and specialists for both onshore and offshore projects.

Reaching work locations that are difficult to access is a common problem faced both by manufacturers and the inspection teams. Previously, methods such as scaffoldings, ladders, gondolas, boson chairs, mechanical lifts and staging were used. However, these methods were unsafe and extremely costly.

Inspired by developments in recreational mountaineering and caving, rope access or abseiling is now a work position technique of choice in reaching non-accessible work locations. It is also an internationally recognized alternative to the options mentioned.

Our solution
VELOSI is a full member of the International Rope Access Trade Association (UK) since 1993. And VELOSI's Rope Access Engineering Department provides highly trained, multi-disciplined technicians and specialists for both onshore and offshore projects in the following areas:

  • Inspection and Testing
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Geotechnical
  • Industrial Guiding
  • Stand-by Rescue

Rope Access is safe, environmentally-friendly and cost effective since no mechanically powered devices are used. Some of the other advantages are:

  • Reduced security risk
  • Rope access systems are dismantled at the end of each day and there is no risk associated with unattended access equipment and materials
  • Dramatically reduces time-related charges
  • Rope access systems require minimal installation and dismantling time
  • Eliminates mechanical damage to protective coatings
  • Rope access activities do not cause any mechanical damage to the coatings of inspected structures
  • Drastically reduces labor cost
  • The cost of performing visual inspection and Non-Destructive Testing by rope access can be lowered drastically by up to 90%.
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