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External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)

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External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) is a structured process developed to evaluate buried onshore ferrous pipeline integrity

Monitoring the integrity of buried onshore ferrous pipeline is a key concern for many manufacturers and process industries, primarily because these structures are out of sight. Therefore, it is crucial to have a comprehensive system in place that allows continuous evaluation of the structure’s condition.

Our solution
VELOSI offers pipeline operators a comprehensive approach to all four stages of the ECDA process. Our techniques are based on in-depth knowledge of the industry’s best practices and an extensive corrosion database. In all of our operations, our goal is to deliver the highest levels of confidence achievable with the fewest number of digs (for a more thorough understanding of your pipeline’s integrity). VAIL- Pipeline is software developed in-house for ECDA.

You have the flexibility to either choose only those service areas of specific interest to you, or to utilize our expertise for the entire process. These ECDA services execute the complex requirements identified in NACE RP 0502, simplifying the entire process and yielding results that help to ensure pipeline safety and prolong asset life.

By using VELOSI’s ECDA services, you can be assured that you are conforming to the requirements set forth in the NACE RP 0502, as well as having the confidence that comes with knowing that your system is being properly monitored for any damage or defects that might affect its capability to function safely and properly, as intended.