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Evaluation and Condition Monitoring of CP System

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Cathodic Protection is used to control the corrosion of a wide variety of buried and submerged metallic structures.

Steel structures and pipelines are susceptible to corrosion. It is important for process industry and manufacturers to take preventive measures to avoid this corrosion. 

Many manufacturers use Cathodic Protection (CP) as it provides effective corrosion control on steel structures and pipelines by creating a potential (voltage) gradient opposing the flow of ions away from the surface, which helps prevent the anodic corrosion reaction. However, if the system is not implemented correctly, the structure will be vulnerable to corrosion.

Our solution
While a CP system is an important step in preventing corrosion, it is equally important to evaluate and monitor the condition of the system. VELOSI focuses on two areas:

  • Data review and engineering works
  • Field works – surveys, inspections and investigations

VELOSI has also identified seven key steps in the evaluation and condition monitoring of a CP system:

  1. Pre-assessment Study
  2. Preparation of Methodology and Procedures
  3. Technical Audit of Existing CP Systems, Installation of Main Pipelines and Performance Assessment of Tank Form Area, Pump Stations Facilities and the associated piping networks
  4.  On/Off Potential Survey, CIP Survey and Line Current Survey
  5. Visual Inspection of Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
  6. Review and Evaluation of Remote Monitoring and Control Systems
  7. Post Assessment of the Project – Final Reports and Deliverables

By using VELOSI’s evaluation and monitoring services, you are assured that the systems and protection methods put in place are working properly and as intended. This is crucial when it comes to the issue of corrosion - because unchecked corrosion not only can ruin a particular area, but can also compromise the integrity of your entire system.