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Velosi Oman HSE Award by PDO Velosi Oman has received a HSE award from Petroleum Development Oman, in recognition of providing safe services, and achieving a LTI-free record of 19 million kilometres of travel with 3.5 million man hours of work.


Velosi's General Manager, Renukamurthy said, "We are elated with the recognition and we now have more responsibility to retain and to further enhance our image in QHSE. The award is a testament to the combined efforts of each and every employee. 

This achievement would not have been possible unless we had followed the stringent HSE rules laid down by PDO and our corporate HSE rules. We are proud to be recognised for this accomplishment today. Velosi employees have been recognised time and again with Shukran awards by PDO for QHSE performances and it has been an ongoing encouragement." Velosi currently has more than 550 employees serving PDO and other oil and gas sector operators. The company received the award from the PDO director in the presence of our contract holders Mr. Saif Riyami and Mr. Ahmed Ghafry.


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