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Applus+ Velosi JDA (PNG) staff plays in the Cairns Classic Women Hockey World Masters in Italy Awagia Tapo is one of the selected participants, who is invited by the Cairns Classic Women’s Team to play hockey for the World Masters in Italy, on the 2nd August 2013.


The Cairns Classic Women (Hockey) Team won Gold at one of the Australian Masters Game last year. She is joined by her female hockey club members, Jill Baloiloi - Personal Assistance to the Secretary - Department of Labour & Industrial Relations; and Lady Judge, Catherine Davani. She will be taking leave and will be travelling through to Hong Kong, Milan and then to Turin in Italy.  
Awagia has played hockey since the day she was introduced to the game and has played for over 30 years. She loves hockey and has been taking part in a lot of championships in PNG with the most popular one, the Pan Asia Pacific Masters that is held every two years at the Gold Coast in Australia. She has played in the PNG Women’s Team to  the first Arafura Games in Darwin in the late 90s.  She played in the Sydney World Masters in 2009, representing her team – Black Pearls, Port Moresby. The World Masters is a quarterly event and this time she has the opportunity to represent, Black Pearls, JDA Wokman and PNG to play in Italy.   
There are 14 players from Cairns Classic, Perth and Brisbane, including the 3 of them. The World Masters Game will start on the 2nd through to 12th Aug 2013.
“We hope to win a medal and I am excited that it is Hockey that is taking me to Italy. In our fixtures we have 4 days break so we have planned to sightseeing  a bit of  Rome and Paris” said Awagia. 
On behalf of us all we wish you all the best in your World Masters Championship. 
p.s: your wins will be our pride and your defeats (if any) will be our happiness for representing.

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