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An Appreciation Letter for Velosi China Inspectors Velosi China inspectors received an appreciation letter from our client Tengizchevroil Kazakhstan (TCO) regarding their excellent performance in valve inspection on 24 July, 2013.


Velosi China, on behalf of Velosi Italy and client TCO has been performing valve inspection work at Neway Valves since March 2013.
There are three inspectors permanently assigned to the project and through their hard work we have received recognition from our client TCO with the following appreciation letter,

“Aga, I want to pass on TCO PFU’s sincere gratitude for the quality of individuals that are assigned to our Vendor in Suzhou China. The reports I have received from our TCO representative in Suzhou have indicated that your team has done an outstanding job and conducted themselves with the highest professionalism while representing TCO interests at this location.”


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