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Pipeline Rehabilitation

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Where the performance of the pipeline is unsatisfactory but the fabric has a residual value, either structurally in its own right or as a lining support, rehabilitation is the solution.
An essential preliminary is to determine the condition of the existing pipeline. From hydraulic analysis and structural inspection using CCTV where it may be concluded that a pipeline is:
  • Structurally weak or 
  • Structurally sound, but hydraulically defective.
  • In either case it is more economic, environmentally friendly and non disruptive to rehabilitate the defective pipe than to excavate and replace.
Applus+ Velosi Middle East offers Pipe Cleaning, CCTV Inspection and Rehabilitation Services.


Applus+ K2 provides Inspection and Repair services with rope access methods to Refineries

Since September 2014, Applus+ K2 has worked in the largest refinery in Singapore, carrying out both asset integrity inspections and repair work.

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