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Another key element of process improvement and a successful control is the implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System Certification. A solid system helps to improve client efficiency and productivity. The additional benefit of system certification is the enhancement of customers' confidence, which can result in increased market share.

Applus+ Velosi’s wide range of services is suitable for all types of operations. Whatever the scale of your project, whether you use a single service or a total packaged solution, Applus+ Velosi can help you to achieve your objectives effectively.

Please see more information at http://www.vqmi.com/


Applus+ Velosi certifies the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC)

The building is a model of innovative and efficient design.

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Success Stories

Velosi Middle East offers unmatched services in the region

Velosi Middle East is to date the only company that is a wholly accredited as a Type A Inspection body by the RvA.

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